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Mentor and Coach

Training gives your work integrity...

I have always been very commited to the power that the arts have to bring about personal, social, and political change.  To that end my teaching, whether in a private coaching, classroom, masterclass, or workshop format, has always been driven by the desire to illuminate possibility, along with stronger communication skills  and greater depth of understanding.


Letting go makes it art.

As a private singing and acting coach I work with students to identify goals and set a clear plan of action steps to achieve them.  I help them overcome emotional, intellectual, and physical obstacles in order to  communicate with clarity, authenticity, and strong technique.  By teaming strong technique and discipline with pure expression of intention and freedom of self, students learn greater confidence in rehearsal, performance, auditions, relationships, and all areas of their lives.


As a drama, music, and dance teacher, I encourage my students to explore their creative impulses, while providing a framework and context based in technique, and tradition. I believe in deviating from the norm; yet I also believe one cannot create anything new without knowledge of what has come before.


A political act

In my Arts Education work, I strive to design programming that engages and excites the whole child, encouraging students to observe, consider, and be able to articulate informed opinions.  I believe that music, theatre, and art have the capability to broaden social and intellectual horizons and foster greater compassion for and understanding of other cultures and traditions.  I also believe that one cannot study art of any kind without considering the social and political climate in which the art was both created and received, and that like teaching, art is a political act.  


My Social Justice work has been about finding creative solutions to conflicts in the home, school, and community that allow students to see beyond violence, encouraging young artists to become part of the solution and actively seek change to better themselves and  the world  around them.

"[Caroline’s composition program] was not just a great artistic and musical experience, it gave my class an identity that served to keep them unified as a cohesive team all year.  At times they would spontaneously burst into one of the songs from our show.  I have always led singing in my classroom because I know it promotes positive feelings in the classroom.  However, building an opera where every student has a part crafted for them and all students sing together took us to another level."

-5th grade teacher

"Caroline worked wonders with the students.  I guess the best reaction is the kids:  "Can we do it again?"  This from a group of students who swore to me in January that they would have nothing to do with opera, would not sing, and definitely were NOT getting up on a stage!  So I echo my students, "Can we do it again?  -7th grade teacher

"The kids learned so much and grew so much from this experience; I really just don't know how to thank Caroline enough!  Their self confidence, sense of self, and belief in their abilities just sky-rocketed!  I can't think of a better gift we could have given them!  This is in addition to the knowledge of opera, drama, and music theatre and theory that they gained."

-6th grade teacher

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