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Moments of Truth

A New Chamber Musical

Music and Lyrics by Caroline Altman

Book by Patricia Milton

This chamber musical follows Nan, a mid-career fine arts painter. She loses her confidence after she is replaced in her long-term residency by an artist half her age. Her husband Gerald, an art broker, organizes an exhibit of her latest work . . . but her subtle impressionism is upstaged by ironic paintings of cows.


In a funk, Nan agrees to collaborate with her former art school roommate Chloe, a scandal-ridden “shock art” photographer. The two hope to rehabilitate their careers and  land both a prestigious prize and an exhibit in New York. The project uses a lie detector to catch real-life models in their “moments of truth.”


As a love triangle develops under her roof, Nan begins to lose confidence in Gerald, too. Is the answer  to her dilemma bringing the lie detector into her marriage?

This comedy-drama asks provocative questions about truth, lies, love, and art.


Excerpts from Moments of Truth developmental reading, May 6, 2013 at 3Girls Theatre, San Francisco 

The Prize

Optimism and Artful Angst

Moment of Truth

Procedure #1

If You Hadn't Married Her

Pink Bedroom

Audio samples from MOMENTS OF TRUTH, recorded December 2013, feature Caroline Altman, Dyan McBride, John Patrick Moore, Steve Rhyne, and Brandon Adams.

Not Without Our Women

Music by Caroline Altman

Book by  Andrew Black and Patricia Milton

Lyrics by Altman/Black/Milton


Not Without Our Women is a love story set against the backdrop of an historic step forward in human rights about which few people are aware. In 1869, Wyoming was the first territory to give women suffrage (the right to vote & hold public office) — fully 50 years before all women of the US were granted the same.


How were these rights achieved? In the USA, such advances happen when people in power (usually white men) give up their privilege. How this evolution occurs — how expectations are shattered, hearts opened, and rights won (sometimes only temporarily) — is the story of Not Without Our Women.


The struggle for equal rights (and resulting triumphs and disappointment) occurs in a two-steps-forward, one-step-back cadence. This optimistic, rousing, and slightly subversive musical invites us to consider Wyoming’s pioneering step forward alongside continuing struggles for rights — including marriage equality — in the United States today.

What This Town Needs is Women

A Hat Like That

Somebody Has to Do It


Springtime Frame of Mind

Not Without Our Women

Audio samples from NOT WITHOUT OUR WOMEN feature

Sarah Kit Farrell, Bill Fahrner, Darlene Popovic, Dyan McBride, Brian Yates Sharber, John Elliott-Kirk, Brandon Adams, Nikolai Lokteff,  Joy Lian, Rebecca Pingree, Caroline Altman and Rob Hatzenbeller.

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