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Original works



Music, lyrics, and a good story...


Caroline has always been a writer.  In 1995 she developed her first piece for young audiences, WHISKERS!  which debuted at Young Performer's Theatre in San Francisco and went on to Galatean Players, enjoying holiday season run of 15 years at the Schoolhouse Theater and Lesher Center for Performing Arts in Walnut Creek, and yet another San Francisco run at the Children's Creativity Museum Theater in 2014.


Following quickly in its footsteps were KISS THE FROG (1997), and DREAMERS (2005 which later became JOSEPHINE AND THE SHEEP OF DREAMS, debuting in SF in 2015), and the development of the through composed, operatic SNOW QUEEN: SPLINTERS OF ICE (2013).


Her writing for the theatre garnered her a Shellie Award for Contribution to the Performing Arts in 1998.


Caroline has also collaborated with writers Tom Dolby, ALICE IN CYBERLAND, winner of the Dixon Place New Musical Competition (2000), Andrew Black and Patricia Milton on NOT WITHOUT OUR WOMEN, finalist of the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre Scriptfest (2011), and with Milton on MOMENTS OF TRUTH, finalist of the Women in Media Collaboration Award (2013) which debuted in San Francisco with 3Girls Theater in September, 2015


For San Francisco Opera Guild, Caroline created the musical theatre composition program, Voices for Social Justice, and Book to Bravo! , which won the OVI Project of Special Merit Award in Santa Fe in 2009.


Her love of storytelling and fiction led Caroline to create The Indy Stories:  One Feline's Quest for Cultural Adventure which combines her three loves:  art, travel, and seeing the world through the eyes of a small furry creature.

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