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Video Directing and Editing

San Francisco Opera Guild, Summer Conservatory, 2021: In Search of Eurydice

San Francisco Opera Guild
Musical Storywriting Puppet Camp Promos, 2021

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San Francisco Opera Guild, Musical Storywriting Puppet Camp 2021

San Francisco Opera Guild,Opera Scouts & Madrigals Video Yearbook

Opera Scouts and Madrigals Original Song Cycle for 2020

Opera Scouts and Madrigals Virtual Choir: Dona Nobis Pacem

The Adventures of Estrella and Cleo Seasons 1 & 2

13. Casting Blues

14. Little Bread Riding Hood

11. It's Spring!

12. The Audition

9. Ewe, a Sheep

7. Season 2 Pilot: It's a New Year!

10. The Rehearsal

8. The Valentines Special

5. Frère Jacques

3. Character and Objective

1.  Melody and Harmony

6. Holiday Special

4. Conflict and Resolution

2. Major and Minor Keys

San Francisco Opera Guild, Summer Conservatory 2020: The Virtual Magic Flute

San Francisco Opera Guild Madrigals Original Opera: Merrywater Forest  - May, 2020

SFOG Madrigals reflect on Merrywater Forest project - May, 2020

San Francisco Opera Guild Opera Scouts and Madrigals Virtual Choir Now is the Month of Maying - April, 2020

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